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Microsoft Project is a tool you can use to streamline project, resource and portfolios to keep track of projects successfully.

February 2021

Obtaining Microsoft Project Online requires a plan. There is no one-click assignment. You'll need to know what you are asking for, because there are unique processes for each version to consider. Hopefully, this information will make your purchase and licensing less cumbersome than it potentially can be.

  • Prerequisite: Patience. From high air above, this process looks like paradise. But on the ground, it is a jungle. [3.] See disclaimer [4.]

There are several versions of Project Online. We can assign you the free version [1.], but it only allows the ability to enter and track time and projects into an existing project via a web browser. Your project manager would provide you access information.

For creating and managing your own teams projects:

Please review the three Project versions on this page. It's just an FYI, not for actual purchasing. Trial versions are not supported by UT.

UT supports Plan 3 and 5. Ignore the prices on this page.

This site will provide product specs to help make your decisions.


  • Recommended: Project Plan 3 at UT is about $65 annually [2.]

  • Project Plan 5 is about $120 per year 

  • Project Plan 1 includes Project for the web, and is ~not available for EDU

  • Plan 1 is available for Plan 3 and 5 users only

  • Project Online Essentials (free for faculty) is not Plan 1

  • Project Online Essentials does not include Project for the Web


---tIp: for creating and maintaining professional projects---


  • Major project teams: Project Plan 3 or 5 +departmental project M365 website

  • Average teams: Project Online Plan 3

  • Small team: Project Online Plan 3, with an emphasis of using the Plan 1 component of it (Project for the Web).

If you go forward with a purchase for Project Online Plan 3 (Professional) or Project Plan 5 (Premium), open a new request here:


Download your Project client here:

  • Project will be displayed if your account has been licensed.


Action steps:

  • Step 1: Get a price quote from Dell (see contact below)
    • example:
      • Hello Sam,
        Please send a price quote for the following 
        Microsoft Premium app subscriptions.
        • Project Plan 3: 12 licenses                                
  • Step 3: Contact ITS to associate licenses to users. (Service Now)

  • Step 4: Billing - no action required. ITS will auto-renew and bill for the next year. (Service Now)

    • ITS will auto bill via your ten digit UT account number and billing contact.
    • The billing contact is the owner of all licenses
    • The billing contact can modify users and transfer licenses
    • To modify use the URL above and select Modify

UT Microsoft reseller:

Sam Avellone

Account Manager

Dell Technologies | Partner Software Sales

+1 512 537 5743 (new number)
  • Notes:
    • Technically, ITS is not involved until the licenses have been purchased and assigned to the tenant by Dell
    • Dell does not communicate their process to ITS
    • We rely on the customer to bring us the receipt
    • ITS will assign user licenses based on the Service Now request ticket
  • For general  M365 application support - ServiceNow assignee group is:


Q: I already have a copy of Project Professional on my PC. Purchased from the Campus Computer store. Can I use my copy to collaborate with online projects?


A: No. Unfortunately, this is not supported for EDU. Specifically, Project for the Web (Project Plan 1) is unavailable for purchase for EDU.

A: Yes. The only scenario that this document works is if the user also purchases Project Online Plan 3 or 5.

Comment: Project desktop and Project Online are two separate products, even though they do the same thing and have the same name. 

UT Recommendation: Project Plan 3 (comes with its own desktop client)


Q: I have a Mac.

A: To create a Project, a MS Project Online client is required. Download the Project Online client from your O365 user profile: (only Win users will see Project)


Q: I have a Mac, and created a Project here on this site in my browser:

A: This is the default Project site. But, this is the Project Plan 1 portion of your Plan 3 license. POE users can only read. Only users with Plan 1 can collaborate. Plan 1 is only offered to those with Project Plan 3 & 5 licenses, unfortunately.


Q: I have a Mac, since no Client is available, how am I supposed to create a Project and assign resources such as POE licensed contributors?

A: Request a Project Online site. Create Projects and Tasks from there.


Official Microsoft Project Online site:




[1.] Team members with Project Online Essentials (free) subscriptions can perform the following Project Online functions:

  • Use a web-based interface (no client)

  • Update tasks, issues, and risks

  • Project Online Essentials does not include Project for the web.

  • At least one Project Plan 3 admin will provide its members (resources) this access.


Enables team members to view timesheets, enter hours, add or remove tasks from timesheets and turn in timesheets.

Manage tasks

Team members can report the progress of tasks, add new tasks, assign themselves to existing tasks and assign their tasks to someone else on the team.

Add issues and


Allows team members to add information about project issues and risks. It enables them to link issues and risks to specific tasks on the plan.


Perfect collaborative environment for team members. They can store and work on project documents, view other projects across the organization, view updates that have been submitted for approval etc.

Access anywhere             

With Project Online Essentials, team members can be productive from virtually any device from almost anywhere.

Getting started

Enables team members to ramp up quickly, collaborate with one another and manage their tasks effectively.


[2.]   Actual costs



Project Plan 3

Formerly known as Project Online Professional


$ 6.00 


Project Plan 5

Formerly known as Project Online Premium

$ 11.00 


[3.] On a good note, once you clear the jungle, it is in fact paradise.


[4.] Disclaimer:

Requester -aggravation level Potentially annoyed Low or none
Initial purchase and implementation process X  
Once implemented   X



Project Home

Project Online  licenses are offered at a prorated, annual rate. Licenses for Project Online must be purchased using this form. More information on Project Online license differences can be found below.


License Type



Project Online Essentials

Team members can update task status, share documents, and communicate on projects.

Submit timesheets to capture project and non-project time spent for payroll, invoicing, and other business purposes


Project Online Professional



All of the Project Online Faculty functionality, plus:

Rich user interface through desktop client

Anytime/anywhere access through Web interface

Project scheduling and costing

Resource management

Publishing projects to the cloud

Includes the most current version of the Project desktop application, instantly streamed to your Windows PC.

Each subscription license allows for up to five concurrent installations of the Project desktop application.

$58.29 per annual license

Project Online Premium


All of the Project Online Professional functionality, plus:

Portfolio selection and optimization

Demand management

Enterprise resource management

Out-of-box portfolio reports

$106 per annual license


Visit the Project help center>>

Getting Started

Request a Sharepoint Project Site

Project Professional users must request a Sharepoint Project site in order to create and share projects. You can request a Sharepoint Project site by emailing with the desired name for your Project site and a list of owner email addresses.

Download the Project Desktop Application

You can use the Project Desktop application without a Sharepoint Project Site. Once a license has been provisioned follow the steps below to download the Project Desktop client:

  1. Uninstall Office
  2. Download the Project desktop application

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Get Working

  • Create a Project in the Desktop Application

    Project Premium users must request a Sharepoint Project site in order to create and share projects. You can request a Sharepoint Project site by emailing with the desired name for your Project site and a list of owner email addresses.

    You can create projects in the desktop application without a Sharepoint Project site.


    Project Templates


    1. Open Project Click File> New
    2. Select one of the many project templates to help you get started
    3. Click create 
  • Add Tasks to a Project


    Project Tasks
    1. Select View > Task Views > Gantt Chart
    2. Type a task name in the first empty Task Name field
    3. Press Enter
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to enter the tasks you want

    Learn more:

  • Edit a Project

    Tasks and Subtasks

    1. Select View > Task Views > Gantt Chart
    2. Select the task or tasks in the Task Name column that you want to indent or outdent
    3. Select Task > Schedule >Indent Task


    Learn more about editing a project>>


    Change your view

    Select the View tab. Do one of the following:

    1. Select the view that you want to use in the Task Views group or Resource Views group.
    2. Select Gantt Chart > More Views to see all the available views, and then select from the options in the More Views dialog box
  • Manage a Project

    Did you know you could add milestones to projects, assign tasks, and generate project reports too?

     Learn more>>

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