Students and Office 365

Welcome to Office 365!

UT's Information Technology Services (ITS) is excited to offer all students a Microsoft 365 account! 

An Office 365 account will give you free access to communication and productivity applications such as the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook) in addition to Microsoft TeamsSharepointPlanner and more. Over the next academic year, ITS is working towards auto-creating these accounts, beginning with Cockrell School of Engineering Fall 2021. 

Students outside of participating units should claim their account first, to take advantage of the awesome set of tools. You can claim your account following these steps

By next summer, all students will have a Microsoft account created for them when they join the university. 


FAQ Section:


What's the Difference Between My UTmail (Google) Account and my Office 365 Microsoft Account?

  • Office 365 vs. UTmail

    There are two email environments available to current students, faculty and staff.

    • Microsoft 365:
      • Beginning Summer 2022, your Microsoft account will be auto created for you when you become a current student. Your account will expire when you separate from UT. 
      • Usage is recommended by UT’s Information Security Office if you’re working on university business and/or instruction. 
      • You can create an additional email address if you prefer something different than  More information at:
      • You will gain access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, Outlook and several other productivity tools both online and available to download. 


    • UTmail (powered by Google):
      • You must claim your Google UT account at
      • This account should be for personal use only.
      • Your UTmail account will become your alumni account once you graduate
      • You will gain access to Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drive only available online. 


    At this time, you have the option to choose the email environment(s) and application suite(s) you use during your time here.  Please note that these environments do not interact with each other. 

  • Office 365 and UTmail Features
    Office 365 Feature UTmail 
    Current students, current and future faculty and staff Eligibility Current, future, former students and alumni, current faculty and staff email address, with the option to add an additional mailbox after creation  Email Address email address
    100GB of Email Storage  Email Storage 1GB of Email Storage
    Outlook  Email Service Gmail (UTmail)
    OneDrive (2TB), Sharepoint (25TB) App Storage 5GB of Google Drive Storage
    Word, Excel, PowerPoint Documents Docs, Sheets, Slides
    Teams Chat and Online Meetings Hangouts
    OneNote Notes Keep



How Do I Claim an Office 365 Mailbox?

  • Claim Your Mailbox

    1. Log in to the Office 365 Management Tool with your EID.

    • If you do not yet have a mailbox, you will be presented with the Create My Mailbox page.

    • If a mailbox has already been created for you, you will see details about your mailbox.

    2. Enter your desired display name in the Display name box. Click Update.

    3. Enter your desired email address in the Email address field. Click Save.

    • If you have entered an email address which is already in use or is invalid, you will be presented with an opportunity to select another address. 

    4. You can add 1 additional alias and change their primary email address using the Secondary Mail Addresses field. Only the secondary address can be deleted, not the original.

    5. After a mailbox has been created, additional steps need to occur for full provisioning. That process may take up to one hour. You will receive an email at the official email address associated with your EID when provisioning has been completed.




What are the Multi-Factor Authentication Requirements? 

  • Office 365 MFA Requirements

    Multi-Factor Authentication is required to access Office 365 services online. To better protect the security of your online information, the university has implemented MFA using the Duo product. This system will prompt you to authenticate when you log into any university web application protected by MFA. Before you can complete the authentication process, you will need to enroll a device. The recommended device is a smartphone or tablet, such as an iPhone or Android device. 

    You will need your chosen device handy to complete this process. Assistance with this process can be found using the link below: 


  • MFA for UTmail Business Accounts

    Unlike other UT services which use Duo for two-factor authentication, UTmail uses Google's own two-factor authentication system. This works by obtaining codes through the Google Authenticator app, or responding to push notifications from the general Google app. The instructions below will guide you through the setup for your mobile phone or your landline.

    1. Click HERE to go to Google's 2-Step Verification page.

    2. Select 'Get Started'.

    3. Select 'Next'.

    4. Sign in using your UTmail account credentials. Select 'Next'.

    5. Select 'Get Started'.

    6. Select 'Voice or Text Message'.

    7. Enter your phone number.

    8. Choose 'Text Message' or 'Phone Call' to get a code, then select 'Next'.

    9. Enter the code provided by Google, then select 'Done'.

    10. Setup is complete.




What Office 365 Tools and Features Will I Have Access To?

  • Available Tools and Features
    Office 365 Tools and Features for Students
    Access(PC Only)
    Power Apps
    Power Automate / Flow
    Power BI
    Power BI Desktop
    Project Online
    Publisher (PC Only)
    School Data Sync

    Visit the Office 365 Portal to view the applications available to you for download and use.



How do I setup a forwarding address if I don’t want to manage this email? 

  • Email Forwarding  Mailbox Settings

    For Office 365 Accounts follow these steps: 

    Turn off automatic forwarding in Outlook on the web 


  • Email Forwarding Mailbox Rules

    For Office 365 Accounts follow these steps:

  • Email Forwarding Rules for Student Employees

    The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost require that all UT business be conducted with a UT Business account. Forwarding of Business accounts outside of business environments is prohibited. 

    Student employees with an address will be able to forward.

    UT Austin has removed all non-UT email addresses from the personal information pages within Workday. Information & Technology Services (ITS) is in the process of inserting your UT Austin email address if you have one.  If they have replaced it with the UT Austin email you want to use, no action is required on your part.  If you have another UT Austin email address you want to use, you will need to go into Workday and change the listing.  The easiest way to see what email address Workday currently has for you is to look yourself up in the UT directory

    To update your email address in Workday, review this how-to article. 

    Current designs send targeted email policy messages to any employee with a Business account forwarded to a Personal account. Emeritus faculty are currently an exception to this rule, unless they have active grants or grant applications.



How do I make this email my official email address with the University? 

  • Change Your Primary Email Account

    Since email is an official method of receiving university and course communications, it is important that your email address on file with the university is kept up-to-date.

    To set your Microsoft email account ( as your official university email address:

    1. Go to Update of Addresses and Email (EID required) in UT Direct. Locate the E-mail Address field at the bottom of the form, and type in your email address (e.g.
    2. Your updated email address will start receiving university email communications within one or two business days.

    3. Click Save Changes.

    4. Your updated email address will start receiving university email communications within one or two business days.




How do I change my Display Name in Microsoft?