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Using Teams and Other Apps

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Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace. It serves as a hub for teamwork and collaboration by connecting you to applications, people and chats, data, and more - all within one space. 

Teams is available to students, faculty, and staff with an Office 365 mailbox at You can download the Teams desktop application at

Note: UTMail addresses ( cannot be used forlogin to or invited as guest accounts in Teams. UT Austin faculty and staff must use their Office 365 ( address to login. UT Austin students are encouraged to claim and use an Office 365 mailbox to use Teams, but may use a personal (non UTMail) address if preferred. 

Benefits of Using Teams
  • Save time by organizing all work in one hub
  • Set up recurring or one-on-one staff meetings 
  • Collaborate in conversation stream posts
  • Communicate via chat, audio, or video calls
  • Make announcements using @mention to the team’s General channel or by pinning important documents as permanent tabs
  • Share and organize content
  • Use OneNote Staff notebook, which includes a Content Library for all members to read, a Collaboration Space where members can edit collaboratively, and private notebooks for each staff member that only they and the staff leader(s) can see
  • Add tabs such as Planner, Power BI, and more

Learn about adding guests (non-UT Austin affiliates) to your Teams hereJoin a Team

To join a team, you must be added by a Team owner. 

Create a Team

  1. Login to the Teams application
  2. Select Teams in your left rail to view your teams.
  3. Select Join or create team  > Create a new team.
  4. Select Staff to create a Staff Team. More information on Team types can be found here
  5. Enter a name and optional description for your team, then select Next. 

Learn more about creating Teams >>


Getting Started

  • Access 

    Teams is available in a desktop and mobile client, and on the web.

    Desktop Client Download:

    Mobile Client Download: Google Play or iOS store Browser:

    Internet Explorer 11

    Calling and meetings are NOT supported. Users who attempt to join a meeting on IE 11 will be directed to download the Teams desktop client.

    Microsoft Edge

    Calling and Meetings are supported on Edge RS2 and later

    Chrome, Latest version

    Meetings are supported on Chrome 59 and later

    Firefox, Latest Version

    Calling and Meetings are NOT supported. Users who attempt to join a meeting on Firefox will be directed to download the Teams desktop client.

    Safari 11.1+

    Safari is enabled on versions higher than 11.1 in preview.


  • Team Limits and Specifications

    Maximum Number of Members on a Team


    Maximum Number of  Channels on a Team


    Maximum Number of People in a Meeting


    Maximum Number of People in a Private Chat


    Team Storage Capacity 



  • Navigation

    1. Activity Feed: Your activity feed aggregates important content from Teams, channels, chats, and applications you interact with to create an inbox for activity across Teams.
    2. Chat: 1-1 or group chat with users in our organization
    3. Teams: Access and communicate with Teams you're part of. They'll automatically appear here once you've been added by a Team owner
    4. Assignments: If you're part of a Classroom Team, you'll be able to create, upload, and access Assignments here
    5. Meetings: View your calendar and schedule meetings with users and Teams in our organization
    6. Files: Add and access content from cloud storage locations like UTBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more
    7. More Added Apps: View bots, tabs, connectors, or messaging extensions added to your current Teams
    8. Apps: View available bots, tabs, connectors, or messaging extensions you can to Teams
    9. Help: Get training on various topics, see what's new, share an idea, or report a problem
    10. New Chat: Start a new chat with on person or a group of people
    11. Search: Use the keyword search to find matches in messages, contacts, or files
    12. Profile: Change your profile picture, update your status, and update your notification settings here
    13. Join or Create a team: Join a public Team. If you would like a Team created, email with your desired Team name, Team owner, and the Department and Unit your Team represents.
    14. Start a Conversation: Send and participate in conversations and share content to members of your team
    15. Team: A team is a group of people gathered together to get something done.
    16. Channels: Teams are made up of channels, which give you the ability to create topic specific places to have conversations, upload content, and more
    17. Team Options: Create channels, add members, manage your team, and more using this menu
    18. Hidden Teams: Use the 'Hide team' and 'Unhide team' in the Team options menu to add and remove Teams from this list


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Using Teams and Other Apps

Microsoft Teams works as a hub for your business and productivity applications by providing built-in integration opportunities for a wide variety of Office 365 and third-party applications. 






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