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Microsoft OneDrive is a place for you to create, store, and organize personal fies and drafts. You can share content from your OneDrive with others to collaborate on things like Word documents or Excel workbooks. 


The Microsoft OneDrive service is a secure, highly available enterprise-scale data "storage" solution available to departments and individual faculty, students, and staff.

Visit the Microsoft OneDrive help center for more>>

Visit the UT Austin OneDrive help center for more>>

Getting Started with Microsoft OneDrive

  • Individual OneDrive
    All Outlook email users are provisioned with 2 TB storage capacity. This is known as your OneDrive. Documents are Private unless designated to be shared.
  • Teams and SharePoint OneDrive
    SharePoint and Teams site folders support up to 25 TB. Your OneDrive client is able to connect to these drives as well, with permission based availability.
  • Features
    Storage of up to 25 TB increments
    Advanced granular date recovery abilities
    Scalable : UT's future direction
    Total control of your data with version recovery
    Access from any device - Superior mobile capabilities 
    Mac support - Files On-Demand (Requires version of Mojave 10.14)
    No VPN, SMB or WebDAV connections necessary
    Offline access and file sync features
    Single authentication source (Office 365)
    Approved for storage of confidential data
    And much much more


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