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Getting Started Get Working Using Stream and Other Apps

Stream is a video service created for you to upload, videos, and share videos. Take recordings of presentations, meetings, classes, and other things that help your team collaborate and share them securely.  Stream makes it easy to transcribe, add comments, place tags, and descriptions on videos you share easily.


Who Can Use Stream?

Microsoft Stream is currently available to current facutly, staff, and students with an Office 365 mailbox. You can access Stream when logged into


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Getting Started

Learn how to get working quickly in Stream to record, share, and discover video content.


Once logged into Stream, you'll see the navigation bar at the top of your screen. It's here to help you discover and organize content available to you.

Stream Navigation

You can learn how you use Stream quickly with the Learn How to Use Microsoft Stream section on the homepage.

Stream Learn How Videos
Watch List

Use your watchlist to bookmark important videos or ones you'd like to come back and view later. This will Only appear if you've added videos in your watchlist.

Stream Watchlist

Learn more about managing your watchlist >>

Followed Channels

Channels help you organize content. You can follow a channel to see when new videos are added or bookmark it to find easily.

Stream Follow Channels

You can search for channels you want to follow using the search bar in the navigation menu. Once you find the channel you'd like to follow, click Follow.

Stream how to follow channels

Learn more about following channels >>

Trending Videos and Popular Channels

Trending videos are determined by the number of views, likes, and comments they receive. Popular channels highlight channels that are getting attention.

Stream Trending Videos

Get Working

Learn how to upload and organize content with channels and groups for easier permissions controls. 

  • Create Content

    Upload a video to Microsoft Stream using these steps:

    Stream upload video

    Learn more about uploading videos in stream >>

    1. Upload from any page by selecting Create > Upload.
    2. Select the video you want to upload
    3. Edit metadata like the title and tags associated with your video
    4. Select the language your video is in and have a transcript generated for closed captioning
    5. Determine who you'd like to have access to your video in the Permissions section using the Shared With drop down menu
    6. Click Publish Now
  • Groups and Channels

    Use channels and groups to help you organize and grant permissions to your videos.


    Groups in Stream help organize and control access to videos. Groups have their own video portal that highlights new content and trends within the group. Share content with your group using a Tab in Microsoft Teams or email a downloaded copy of your video to a colleague.

    Creating Groups

    If you would like a group created for you, please email and include your group name and owner(s) EID.


    You can organize your videos with channels but channels cannot be used as a permission method because they don't have any permissions on their own. Videos can be put into multiple channels to make them easy to find.

    Creating Channels

    Stream Create Channel

    When you create a channel, you can decide who has access to it and the videos you share with it using Channel Access. Companywide channels are viewable by anyone in our organization. You can select group channel to associate your channel with a Team you're a member of.

  • Managing Content
    Edit Video Info

    Video details, options, and permissions can only be edited by those who have owner permission for the video.

    1. Login to Stream and locate the video you want to edit the information for

    2. Click the ore menu and select edit

    3. Start editing things like metadata, permissions, and settings

    Edit Video in Stream

    Learn more about editing video details, options, and permissions in Stream>>

    Downloading a Video

    You can download hte originally uploaded video from stream if you are the owner or uploader of the video.

    1. Login to Stream and locate the video you want ot download

    2. Click the more menu icon represented by three dots '...'

    3. Select Download orginal video

    Download Stream Video

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Using Stream in Other Apps

Microsoft Stream works with other Office 365 productivity tools like Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, and Yammer. With these collaborations, you can make it easy to get the Stream experience accross various applications. 

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  • Stream and Microsoft Teams

    You can collaborate with Stream and Teams by adding a Stream channel or video as a tab.

    1.  Login to Stream and select the channel or video URL from the address bar in your browser.
    2. OR
    3.  Click the Share icon on teh desired video and copy the Share URL
    4. Stream and Teams
    5.  Open Microsoft Teams
    6. Open the channel you'd like to add the Stream tab in
    7. Click on the plus icon on the tab bar of your Team channel

    Microsoft Teams Add Tab

    8. Select the Microsoft Stream tab

    Select Stream

    9. Paste the URL you copied in the direct link section

    Paste Share URL

    10. Click Save

    Learn more about Stream and Microsoft Teams >>

  • Stream and Sharepoint

    You can highlight content like a single video or a channel from Stream in a Sharepoint page. The permissions you place on the video or channel in Stream are respected in SharePoint.

    Stream Videos in Sharepoint

    1. Go to Microsoft Stream portal and find the video you want to highlight.
    2. Copy the URL / link to the video from the browser's address bar.
    3. Go to your SharePoint Online site and open the page or news article you want to add the video to.
    4. Edit the page.
    5. Add the Stream webpart on your page.
    6. Change the Source drop down to Single video.
    7. In the Video address field paste in the URL / link to the Stream video.
    8. Optionally you can configure the video to start at a specific time code by typing a time into the Start at field.

    Stream in Sharepoint


    Stream Channels in Sharepoint

    This option allows you to highlight videos within a specific Stream channel on your page.

    1. Go to Microsoft Stream portal and find the channel you want to highlight.
    2. Copy the URL / link to the channel from the browser's address bar.
    3. Go to your SharePoint Online site and open the page or news article you want to add the channel to.
    4. Edit the page.
    5. Add the Stream webpart on your page.
    6. Change the Source drop down to Channel.
    7. In the Channel address field paste in the URL / link to the Stream channel.
    8. Change the Sort by drop down to sort the videos in the channel according to how you want them displayed on the page.

    Stream in Sharepoint

    Learn more about Stream and Sharepoint >>

  • Stream and OneNote

    You can add Microsoft Stream videos and channels into a OneNote page to take notes and add context to videos. The permissions ont eh video or channel you place in Stream are respected in OneNote.

    1. Login to Stream and select the video or channel you want to share.
      Stream and Teams
    3. Open OneNote and navigate to the place you want to past the URL.
    4. Stream and OneNote
    5. You can also select Insert > Online Video
    6. Stream and OneNote

      Learn more about Stream and OneNote>>


  • Stream and Sway

    Get the Embed Code From Stream

    1. Login to Stream and select share from either the video page or when finindg videos through search or browse.

    2. Select the Embed tab.

    3. Copy the embed code.

    Stream Embed Code

    Insert Embed Code into Sway

    1. Login to Sway

    2. Select Cards on the top navigation bar

    3. Select Embed, then paste your embed code to the new card

    Learn more about Stream and Sway>>


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