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Scheduling Meetings Reset Your PIN FAQ

Dial-in conference numbers are available to current faculty and staff with an Office 365 mailbox. A dial-in number enables anyone to join your Teams meeting via phone - no application needed!

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Scheduling Meetings with Your Conference Dial-In


Any meeting scheduled from the Teams application will automatically include your conference number and meeting link once you click send. 

Outlook (Windows)

You can schedule a Teams meetings from the calendar in Outlook for Windows. Outlook for Mac does not have the Teams meeting add-in at this time. Open the calendar and click New Teams Meeting to add your conference dail-in number and Teams meeting link to a calendar invite.

Schedule Teams Meeting

If you've already opened a calendar invite, you can add the Teams meeting link and your dial-in number using the button below:

Schedule Teams Meeting

Once added, you'll be able to see your dial-in conference number, conference ID, and options to reset your PIN.

Schedule Teams Meeting

Outlook Web Application

You can schedule a meeting that includes your conference dial-in using the calendar when logged into the Outlook Web Application. Create a new calendar event and open the drop down menu for online meetings. Select Teams to include your conference dail-in number after you click save. 

Schedule Teams Meeting


How Can I Reset My PIN & Find My Dial-In Number?

You will be able to view your conference phone number and update your PIN from the calendar event itself. When you create a Teams meeting in the Outlook Windows application or the Outlook Web App, your dial-in phone number and conferencing ID are added to the meeting invite automatically.

Conference Dial In Outlook view

Click Reset PIN to update your conference PIN.

Reset Conference PIN
Using Your Dial-In Number for Teams Meetings


When assigned an audio conferencing license and creating Microsoft Teams meeting in Outlook or Outlook on the web, your dial-in phone number and conferencing ID are added to the meeting invite automatically.

As the meeting organizer, you can click on the meeting options link within the invite to enable or disable the meeting lobby. 

Meeting Options

Call Into Meeting

When your meeting begins, dial the conference number listed in the meeting invite and enter the conference PIN to join. If the meeting organizer has enabled the lobby, you will need to wait to be admitted to the meeting by its organizer. 

Have a Meeting Call You

As the meeting organizer, you can dial out and allow others to join on their phone.

1. Open and join the meeting, use the Add people Screenshot of the Add people button option to dial out to a phone number.

2. Enter the full phone number, including the country/region code in the Invite someone or dial a number box.

Invite someone box

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Audio Conferencing FAQ

How does a user schedule and start a meeting when all attendees will be using a phone to dial-in?

Scheduling a meeting that will be joined by all attendees using a phone to dial-in is not different from scheduling a regular online meeting. However, there are two ways to start a meeting on which all of the participants use a phone to dial-in:
Option #1: By default, if the meeting organizer and all participants are joining a meeting using a phone, the meeting organizer needs to input his or her Audio Conferencing PIN to start it. Callers get asked if they wish to authenticate as the organizer of a given meeting when they dial the phone number of an online meeting. All participants that join the meeting via dial-in before the organizer starts will be placed in the lobby and will listen to music on hold. For Microsoft Teams meetings, the participants will join the meeting according to the value of the automatically admit people setting in the organizer's meeting policy.
Option #2: If the “Allow unauthenticated callers to be the first people in a meeting“ setting (disabled by default) is enabled for a given organizer, then all meetings scheduled by that user will be able to be started without having the organizer input his or her Audio Conferencing PIN. When this setting is enabled, the meeting will start as soon as the first participant joins it via a dial-in phone number and he or she will not be put in the lobby.


Who can attend an Audio Conferencing meeting? And who can I hear?

Anyone who has the dial-in number and conference ID can join a Microsoft Teams meeting, unless the meeting organizer has locked the meeting.
Whether you're calling in using a phone or the Microsoft Teams app, you'll be able to hear everyone else on the call, and they can hear you. The meeting organizer has the ability to "mute" meeting attendees if they don't want to hear them.


What in-meeting dial-pad commands are supported?

*6 (mute/unmute yourself)
*1 (description of dial-pad commands available)


How many total phone participants can I have in meetings?

Audio Conferencing allows up to 250 phone attendees.

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